the zambia diana times.

there have been times in africa where i’ve sat, head in my hands, wondering what the heck i was thinking. this place, this continent, is unchanging and stubborn and dusty.
it asks that you set aside what you think, what you know, and what you think you know. and let it teach you.

and you won’t realize it until you’re playing around a hippo butchery, holding up hippo teeth and gawking at a rack of stomachs.
until you feel your feet literally vibrate from the roar of a lion, and you look over at your brother, mouth gaping in wonder.
until you learn to cook nsima from an african.
until you wake up to the grunts and laughs of bathing hippos at 2 am while you’re tiny tent quietly sits on the banks of the zambezi,

just wanting to witness it all.

it always feels like the ‘original market’ when i shop in rural africa. this is how people have done it for all of time.

ha. bathroom break.

standing at a pit stop, tight bags of corn or some other staple laying about.

i was so happy on this bus. i was sandwiched in the back and there were up to twenty of us in there. even a box full of baby chicks.
my eyes were stuck on the passing earth, the setting sun, the absolute glory of being taken into deepest africa.

i am so delighted that the shutter clicked just as this boy grabbed for his friends hat, something i was unaware of at the time (and isn’t that the best about film? what you get to discover months later…)

i literally shoved my hands into my bag and clawed for my diana when this guy briskly wheeled by outside the lusaka bus station. knowing that, given another few feet, he would be too far and the moment gone, i pulled my camera up and just clicked. and hoped.

the magnificence of victoria falls. this captures about .0001 of it.
i almost fell in. don’t even ask.

we played football with these boys all afternoon. they were so endearing.
the one in the baby blue batman t-shirt was my secret favorite.

this photo sucks, but it holds the memory of one hot summer night in africa, the sun going down, and us eating popcorn and drinking juice on the hood of a jeep within eyesight of this lion.

sigh, only in africa.



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