take me south, please.

in the morning,

south to seattle til saturday.

stumptown. pike. ballard. pubs. lake washington. fremont.
friends ben + colby, laura, ellie + quang, and the bevy of woman that are together for kandice’s bachelorette on friday night (so. so. so. stoked.)
add in some driving about town from card shop to card shop getting dani press a united states stamp of approval, and that’s my trip.

i can’t wait. not only do i need to get out of dodge and clear the cobwebs, but i’ve missed that feeling i get when rolling down the I-5 and suddenly spot the space needle and take in puget sound and sigh … add in city christmas decorations and a cups of coffee brewed in the city that knows coffee, and i’ll be in heaven.



3 responses to “take me south, please.

  1. I so wish I could join you for a latte and long talk…

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say that it’s wonderful! I love your photographs!

  3. SEATTLE BOUND!!!!!!! you are there now & i hope you’re having an amazing time!!! I’LL SEE YOU SOON!!!!!

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