it’s incredibly awesome to get any kind of exposure for dani press.
so when kiwi collections approached me to do an arts + style piece on my cards, i was IN.
they organized my answers to a zillion questions and you can read it here.

the photo they used is also a photo for one of my cards. it’s me standing in mozambique this summer.
and it’s funny because it’s so simple. it’s what i’ve done a lot of these past couple years, stand in random places.

so now, how blessed do i feel to now build a business out of wandering around?


here’s some more standing around:

outside montpellier, france, by the mediterranean sea.

outside of de keukenhof in, where else, holland.

somewhere in front of a huge mountain and teal lake on new zealand’s south island with my friend ben.

at the feet of kilimanjaro, tanzania this summer.

the only person for miles and miles. thailand.


backpacking the coastline of south africa.

elliot’s balcony in bali.


One response to “stand.

  1. seriously so proud of you biggy. i know you travel loads, but looking through those photos i forget how much! wow. the places you’ve been, the experiences you’ve had. unforgettable.
    so proud to see the kiwi collection write up. amazing. truly incredible. you are getting so much exposure. it may look like baby steps or feel like it, but you are making BIG leaps & genuinely going somewhere.
    so talented!!! love you. xx

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