pennyweight loot bag.

elise owns troubadour vintage, lives in nashville (drool. i want to go.) and is so very lovely and talented.

i sent her a note a couple weeks ago after admiring her blog pennyweight and one thing led to another…and now dani press has the honor of being included as part of an eclectic loot bag for:

check it out here!
leave a comment and you might get all that loot for christmas!

and on december 19th, rad deals will be offered to all her readers, including a 15% code for dani press.

it’s the support of other vintage-loving, artistic, crazy-talented women that keeps the momentum up and running, so thank you elise!

(and in other dani press news, a very, very rad store in the high street area of my good ol’ hometown of edmonton will now be stocking their shelves with dani press. thank you notables!)


One response to “pennyweight loot bag.

  1. it’s so funny that i came across this randomly! i was delighted!!

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