weekend update time.

market update:
it was pretty awesome.
i got heaps of rad feedback, was newly reminded of how lucky i am every time someone asked, “so you’ve been to all these places?” and i got to say yes, and made a nice slice towards january rent.
i was also provided with much comedy being the table positioned right in front of the market sex shop appropriately titled, “in the mood” (90-year-old woman commenting on a slutty santa outfit, parents yelling at their kids, “you can’t go in there!”, recent high school grad in a moose toque chuckling immaturely at the rack of racy cards, couples walking past giggling nervously and playing the unmentioned game of “i don’t want to go in there, do you want to go in there?, i don’t want to admit i want to go in there, what does it mean if he wants to go in there…”)

and was endlessly entertained by the back-and-forth texts between jenna.
here are a few i penned:
“i was asking our mexican dj for love advice and he is hilarious. he was like, “ask him if he’s excited about any recent movies” and i said, “uh..that sounds dumb. and desperate.” and he’s like, “yah you’re right. too obvious.”
“barf. i can’t flirt.”
“but why, when you need them the most, do well-accumulated conversation skills fail in front of said guy. it’s like instant panic button. f.”

and all in all, from friday at 7 to sunday at 7, worked 34 hours (nights at my other job) got 7 hours of sleep total, went to a burlesque show to see my dear friend cindy dance it up and then ended up with a bunch of mates at this secret place on main street called ‘the narrow’ wondering why the faux-lesbians behind me were making out.

sometimes life is just so fast and full and entertaining and random that i wish i could high-five it.

“this is awesome, up top”



3 responses to “weekend update time.

  1. your table looks so beautiful! i’m glad the weekend was a hit.
    also, who is this mister in the bottom photograph?

  2. Hi There,

    Just letting you know, my girlfriend & I saw your store at the Quay & although we didn’t buy anything (sorry) were mighty impressed! I took your card, looked you up, and here I am.

    Just wanted to say great work on the photography, design & overall presentation, you’re doing a good thing & you’re doing it well! Keep up the good work!

  3. Such a cute photo. Love your glasses!

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