knowing just how much.

the younger sister.
taking photographs huddled in the field across from our house.

when they were divvying up the laughs, who got which one, i know God had one hidden on a top shelf somewhere getting dusty with its “don’t you dare touch this” label.  and when it came her turn in 1987, He brought it down, smiled, and gave it to her, knowing just how much joy it would create in those lucky enough to hear it.



2 responses to “knowing just how much.

  1. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!! These pics are delightful! Totally rad camera!! xoxo

  2. oh dani, that is so lovely and as usual, your words have touched me. what a thought process and tribute to the wonderfulness your sister is. i think this has spoken to me especially much today because my own sis & i are experiencing a rift at the moment. it’s so hard for me because i feel the same way you do about yours. thank you for sharing this, i needed it today! xo

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