it has some big shoes to fill.

moved to a cabin in the woods with 15+ other people. checked off “move to a place where you know absolutely no one” on the list of things i want to do in life.
met olympians.
snuck up on blackcomb to snowboard.
danced on speakers.
cried in a pub when canada won men’s hockey gold. (literally. i cried.)

stood with my little brother next to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, vic falls.
watched a parade in the townships of cape town.
became a journalist. became a small business owner.
ate hippo. ate a black and white cookie in times square. ate a lot.

took photographs in zambia. took photographs in greenwich village.
got sick in zanzibar.
zipped around the country roads of ireland with tim and emily.
had a butler. drank champagne.

climbed table mountain. and brought a djarum and a cupcake to celebrate, knowing i would never, ever do it again.
went and sat on bob dylan’s old front stoop.
saw arcade fire.
laughed at this bathroom door in brooklyn, new york.

reached my goal of being to africa five times by the age of 25.
hugged my mom. hugged my dad.
harbored a crush on m.ward the whole year.
moved into my own apartment.
saw angelina jolie.
napped in hyde park.
went to a world cup match.

skipped around the beaches of mozambique with an international crew.
watched kelly slater surf. learned to surf myself.
drew close to God, distanced myself from God, drew close, distanced.
i wondered about a lot.
slept in a tent on the banks of the zambezi.
woke up to this while camping on a cliff in malawi.

sat in a lot of dusty buses.
went to the oldest pub in ireland.
had culture shock.
i got mad. i cried. i kicked a guy’s hand.
i signed a lease.
learned how to cook chili.
went to this beach with beautiful friends.

walked around abbey road, london.
had a crush. got over it. went on a date. not good.

i backpacked and got lost and drove around and was happy. i struggled, i loved, i fought, i untangled myself. i realized my greatest dream of being a journalist in south africa during the first world cup held in africa.

it was a year to behold.

goodbye 2010, i loved you.
please tell 2011 it has some big shoes to fill.



3 responses to “it has some big shoes to fill.

  1. does it ever! i love your life…

  2. what a year!!!!!!

  3. you ARE the best…
    and i am BLESSED to call you a sister, friend and everlasting mate 😉



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