thank you.

blogs. exposed, publicized, aired-out diaries.
you’re yelling your emotions and experiences out an open window with no real control over the people within hearing range. you know your parents and best friends are keeping watch right below on the sidewalk, constantly taking in the stories, but beyond that, who knows.

this past year, it was interesting watching this little blog.
i’ve never really set goals or ambitions for it, since i’ve always felt like i’m just…talking. but i got an e-mail from wordpress giving me the run-down of how my writing has “done” over the past year.

with 163 posts and thousands of visitors and a subscriber here and there (somebody from portland signed up las week. i love you portlanders.) it was awesome to read. so to everyone who reads this, and there are a growing number of you,

thank you.

genuinely. thank you for investing yourself in reading it and visiting my card shop
and combing through the archives (some of the most popular posts from this year  were written forever ago!) there are a shit ton of blogs out there, heaps to pick from, so thank you for hanging around this one.

your readership fuels the life i’m leading. there can be no greater form of encouragement.



2 responses to “thank you.

  1. Hi Dani!
    I’m a blurker (apparently that’s the term for reading and never commenting?) I’m also a friend of Chris Boyd and Jess Buckle, and it was Jess who told me about your blog one day last year when I was hanging out with her. She literally said “you HAVE to read this girl’s blog, she is so awesome and talented”. I couldn’t agree more!

    I check your blog through my Google reader, but every once in a while I click back through your archives because I just love every single post. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken the time to read them all! You are so inspiring and I admire the life you lead so much.

    Your blog is one of few that I get excited to see a new post from. Thanks for putting your life out there for those of us who are pining to see the world and gain a little more perspective. 🙂

  2. like the saying goes “your word is your wand” and i’m so happy to read your open, thought provoking and often hilarious works! thank YOU for being extremely candid and sharing the things you do. reading your blog is a joy!

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