two toasts.

these two people mean the absolute world to me.

meet older brother, adam:

and dear mother:

it’s both of their birthdays today.
that’s right.
my mother gave birth to her first-born son on her 25th birthday. she is a brave woman.

i could roast them or i could toast them, and since roasting should solely be reserved for office parties or stag/stagette’s, i’ll go with a toast.

mother bear:
you gave birth to four kids (this in and of itself is heroic)
you’ve stayed hitched to dad for 30+ years (bravo)
you taught us how to learn from life’s bruises, by your example.
you don’t freak out when emily says she’s moving to ireland or that i’m getting another tattoo or that tim is taking a semester off of college to go to sri lanka or that adam is going to romp around ecuador to start off his 29th year (again, bravo)
you are a ballsy, fierce woman who co-pilots this family with incredible strength and grace.

i love you.

my superior sibling, adam:
you moved out at 21 to a city where you knew one person.
you started you’re own booking agency.
you’ve got tattoos. a rad wife. and a rad dog.
and you know more people than i ever will.

you’re a trailblazer and a pioneer and make me tilt my head way too far back in order to look up at you.

i love you.


One response to “two toasts.

  1. What a great picture with your mother, so fun and really in the moment. I’m sure you have fond memories of that moment together.

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