oh portland.

i am in love with this, that i first found here.

if i had thirty bucks in my pocket, this would be mine.

portland tops my list of favorite things and has been the answer to the “where else would you want to live?” question for years. i can officially and legally move down there in…sigh, 2013.
so for now, i’ll have to settle for train trips and dreamy prints.

p.s. she has chicago, new york, seattle, boston, san fran, bend and eugene too!


3 responses to “oh portland.

  1. SOOO lovely. And it’s a different view of Portland. Usually artists will depict the bridges, but I like how the artist represented them here. Hawthorne is my fave bridge. I hope you visit us soon!!

  2. ahahahahaaaa i just wrote a post about this and saved it to my drafts!! i thought of you instantly when i saw the portland print!!! love it. maybe i will get it for you for your birfday. xo

  3. Love this! Totally awesome art! Thanks for your sweet words today, dani!!

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