the upswing.

last week, i was having a conversation with a friend over on east hastings, sitting in front of bottomless coffees. it was noon. and while discussing life, he told me about the high percentage of people that get off the ride right before the upswing.

you know the part.
you’re on the roller coaster and you’re taken up and up and then there’s that huge initial drop, which is awesome … until it keeps going…and going…and right before you’re stomach revolts and bails, you catapult back up.
but in life, in love, in business, in, well, in anything, there is a whole ton of people that get off right before the upswing.
it’s too far down. the course hasn’t changed, it’s still pointing down. it’s too much force. it’s too hard, i feel like i’m going to barf.

i’ve talked to more than a few people who all confirm that january was and is a real terror. and a real pain in the ass.

but there’s an upswing.

i’ve started to feel it. and started to switch from thinking about my parachute to thinking about my grip.


i hope you’re feeling the upswing.

have a rad weekend!


3 responses to “the upswing.

  1. Love what you’re saying, so true, I’m feeling it too…

  2. …and then there are those of us who didn’t even know that getting off the rollercoaster was an option.

  3. Love the card and quote!

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