but then the credits roll.

there are places that stand as a symbol, a benchmark really, for where you were at one time, what you once wanted, what your life looked like for a brief, brief moment.
and that’s what whistler is for me. a very distinct benchmark.
being back filled me with that greatest of nostalgias – the kind that sits as a soft spot in your heart, but isn’t heavy enough to make you want to pick it up and relive it. it is in the past and happily stays there, content to be leafed through every once and awhile.

a girl at the bar last night fell head first and on her back down three stairs, her drink instantly airborne and landing on my jeans. i just looked over at hayley, not surprised at all, and said, “i do not miss that.”

and it about summed it up. the story gets old.
yeah, it’s rad when everyone lives in log cabins and snowboard videos are on constant repeat, but then the credits roll and it’s either your thing or its not.

so thank you whistler. you were a rad, little stint.
but i’m sorry, i do not miss you.

the end.


One response to “but then the credits roll.

  1. Ha you nailed it, I feel pretty much the same way. I’m glad I got out when I did, any longer and I think the memories might’ve started to turn a little stale. But fuck, that place was fun! Reminds me I thought of another two songs to add to my list. ‘Linger’ by the Cranberries came up on my iPod the other day and it immediately transported me to Longhorn, setting up that stupid patio in the freezing cold. Ah the joys of being a host. I swear that song and Guns n Roses – ‘Since I don’t Have You’ were played every half hour at that joint!

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