like an old batter.

it’s been three months. and it feels like the summer is pretty much over.
maybe that’s why i feel the urge to laminate a schedule and sharpen some pencils or something. life is starting to feel very september-y.

it’s been three months of often times high volumes of introspection.  maybe that’s another reason i’m feeling the faux change of seasons in mid-august. you give all this time to thinking about who you are and what you want, soon enough you’ll be at the cusp of actually doing something about it. something starts to shift. or has to, anyway.

it’s been three months and i’ve missed writing. though there were plenty of times i thought, “i wouldn’t even know what to write about” i still missed just…writing. like an old batter who woke up one day and took a couple swings in the front yard to remind himself what it felt like, then realized how much he missed it.

i hope you missed me. i sure did miss you.


2 responses to “like an old batter.

  1. aughh, your posts were definitely missed! welcome back.

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