i got this in the mail a few weeks back.
i was ripping my mail open in the kitchen, got to this one, full-on screamed and ran over to a newly-deaf chris.

he calmly did the math and after figuring out that 2049 was perfectly normal, shrugged and went back to his coffee. i stood there, mouth open, paper in hand.

i think i’m still in shock.

( my favorite part is that they’re serious about the “in brief” part. basically, i’ll work til forever and then be one homeless old woman ($19/annually, i need to start budgeting now ))

well, in brief: holy shit.


2 responses to “2049.

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! This is awesome. I WISH I was getting a cool $19 bucks annually. Dang.

  2. this is HILARIOUS!!! just woke up, nice fresh 7am & you gave me a good laugh to start out my day! what the shit 19 whole bucks! living the dream sister. haha.

    holy shit. budgeting. is right, if i got one of those “in brief” statements it would say the same thing. GO KREEFTS!!

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