fifty people, one question.

i watched this the other day via shoko, a new york city blogger.

i know there are probably more than a few projects out there like this, but whenever i come across one i’m always newly fascinated by people and that the same questions can be posed, and potentially plague, each of us.

this chicago bit asks, “what is your favorite memory?”, but i went on to watch the Galway one, which asks, “what is your biggest regret?”
they go all over – brooklyn, perth, austin, london – and i’d love to gradually comb through them, asking myself the same questions.

what is my favorite memory?

my childhood. my dad pulling us on the sled, adam and i pulling pranks on tim in the garden, eating popsicles, decorating the christmas tree with mom, putting on plays, making forts, playing hide-and-go-seek in our crawl space. it was exactly what a childhood should be.

what is my biggest regret?

that i lingered on lost love for too long or any and every time i’ve chosen selfishness over love. it comes up one hundred times a day and it’s something i am continually trying to keep in mind – choosing to love people, be gracious, and be kind instead of being selfish in my anger, my wants and my priorities.

how would you answer?


3 responses to “fifty people, one question.

  1. In this video alone my favorite memory is watching their eyes light up as they reminisce and tell their story!

  2. Too many great memories to choose just one, but one of my favorites was you yelling for me when the oven caught on fire. 🙂 Biggest regret? Probably not asking my grandfather to tell more stories from his childhood and service in World War II.

  3. Aw, so glad you liked this – you have such a cool blog! Anyway, to answer your question – yes, they do workshops in California, and are often adding new dates. You can check the locations and availabilities here: Totally worth going! 🙂 xoxo!

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