thankful for this field.


dani press actually started in high school. as an idea.
then it sat, benched for eight years before i finally did anything about it.
(one of my favorite posts of mine is called, “what was once in the waiting room” and i talk more about the whole process.)

and now, nearly two years after the idea burgeoned into me sitting in a coffee shop and giving it a shot, it feels, well,
it’s all uphill. starting and running a small business is much more than i ever guessed it was. there’s a lot of number-crunching and hours and self-motivation involved. it can be tedious and sometimes i wonder what i would do if it, if i, failed.

it’s tending to a field.

you are the product of the work you put in, so in that way, holy shit, somebody should have warned me.

but (and there has to be a but or i would have quit day two),
even when i get out there and look at all the work i have to do and sit down instead, i’m profoundly grateful for it.

it’s such a strange thing to be so close to something else, to have this other thing be entirely dependant on you. it often occurs to me, “this is my work.” i get to do this. i was given this field. I asked God to show me what i’m passionate about, and He gave me a rake. jeepers.
and so this is it. and i love it. i feel content in it. it challenges me and makes me work hard and i feel insanely lucky to be doing something i love.

creating the new designs (coming out in just a few weeks!) has reminded me that i really do love it.
and it’s such a lovely thing after you have worked hard, to then look out at that field and see it start to bloom.


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