thankful for all. of. this.

(this incredibly awesome photo was taken by aubrey joy.)

and as the final round-up on my five days of being uber-thankful.

i am thankful for:

my morning cup of coffee.
kate klingel. she’s phenomenal.
marc jacobs perfume.
that i’m not in a wheelchair.
my youth.
christmas ornaments.
that george harrison was in the beatles.
dr. seuss.
the warmth of a person that is hailey taylor.
mail. but only good mail.
cape town.
bruce springsteen.
the old wooden clock my dad made.
tape. and highlighters. and office supplies.
my man, chris hesje. he treats me like gold even when i’m being a shit.
jenna frost. her spirit is an impressive and magnetic thing.
birthday candles. not the trick ones though, those are mean.
everyone i’ve ever met in africa.
photo booths.
the time i went to that refugee camp in uganda.
when plumbing works.
candles that smell like trees.
guys who give up their seats on the bus still.
the thought of having a kid someday. far away.
whoever gets to marry heather hughes. lucky guy, i’m telling you.
my mom’s lasagna. and spaghetti. and her hugs.
monte carlo. never been, but it sounds cool.
paper bags.
hot tubs.
the tallest man on earth.
that i’ve never experienced chronic pain.
that it takes me maximum five minutes to fall asleep.
the color green.
salmon sashimi.
lisa. the new york woman capable of, well, anything.
red wine.

and this is the short list. 

happy thanksgiving!
see you all again on tuesday!
love, dani.


4 responses to “thankful for all. of. this.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, dani!! I am LOVING your blog lately. It is so inspiring to read your words and wisdom. I am thankful for that!! xoxo

  2. I. LOVE. YOU. & am BEYOND thankful for you.

    words can’t even describe it.

    happiest of thanksgiving sister!



  3. I. Love. You.

    You have no idea how fun it was telling Landon that someone wrote a poem and I was in it. Wish you could’ve seen his face hee hee:)~

  4. ps, next time you’re down here I’ll have my hot tub on high heat!!!

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