costume hunting.

i blog with a very full glass of 1884 reservado malbec, a whole pizza and this (a song i sometimes put on for kicks if chris says he has to go. haha.)

it’s my final high-five to a very good day.
my friend andy and i went halloween costume shopping! 

now i’m not typically gung-ho on halloween.  i’ve dressed up a total of three times in my life – rabbit, drug dealer, 1940s flapper. that’s it.
this year, i don’t have a costume together yet. but there’s been a few ideas on the table.

80s aerobics instructor.
an american.
a bear.
elton john.

bah. the list goes on. we’ll see.
at any rate, it was fun to try on one-piece leather suits, ruffle through vintage shops, and laugh about how many costumes have a slutty version (all of them.)


2 responses to “costume hunting.

  1. I can’t believe you’ve only dressed up 3 times, that’s pretty crazy! I think an aerobics instructor would be hilarious though, and you probably wouldn’t have to spend tons of money either. I still have noo idea what I’m dressing up as either, last year I was a bag of Jelly Belly’s lol.

  2. Out of curiosity, what would the American costume look like? 🙂

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