a bright, new card.


this is the front, 
and on the inside it says, “the future’s looking pretty darn bright.”

it’s the first of seven new designs that will roll out in a couple weeks and i’m pretty stoked. it’s another chance to crack out another layer of stories and adventures that have defined my life.


gilgal, meaning circle, was the first stop for the israelites in the promised land. they set up 12 stones of remembrance for they were finally there after wandering around for a heck of a long time. it was a physical marking, a reminder, that they had come full circle. (see joshua 4:19-24)

this place, in muizenberg, south africa, is my gilgal.
i’ve come back to it year after year. in 2005 on my first trip to africa. then with the strangers that became my greatest teachers in bible school in 2006. in 2007, i sat there before going up to uganda. 2008 was my around-the-world trip, and i trained into the bay from cape town. this place marked the end of a 3-week backpacking trip along the bottom of south africa in 2009. and in 2010, i introduced my little brother to this place during the world cup, and it was on that trip that the photo was taken.

when i see those houses, when i see false bay, i feel at home in a way i don’t feel anywhere else. it’s like returning to an old custom groove in a couch, one where God is sitting next to you.
i walk there. i sit down on the sand. and i just feel Him there. and then we talk. usually about what’s happened the past year, because a lot has always happened since the last time i was there. or we just listen to the sea.

but it’s not just muizenberg.
every time i’ve gone to africa i lived in the brightness of my future. it wasn’t some distant thing, say in 5 or 10 years, i was in it. and so i hope people use the card to encourage others, after graduation, after a divorce, after a career change, after a new baby, after a major move, to remind them that the future is pretty darn bright.

the card is dedicated to everyone i went to school with in south africa – 
lizzy, lilly, laura, becky, ryan, ben, mike, warren, janis, mel, bex, krista, chris, narooma, emma, dylan, megan, colette, allison, bekah, tina, pip, fallon, peggy, sarah…the list goes on.
for they were a big part of this being my gilgal and making my future so very bright.


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