we lived to tell the tale.

The Waldorf Halloween, mastercard advertisement style:

days of halloween: 4
storeys the drop of doom falls: 16.
costumes i wore: 3. 
number of pennies thrown into the wishing well in the floor of the hideaway at 5 am by the staff celebrating one year: 4. 
people dressed as tetris pieces: 3.
playboy bunny sandwiches: 1.
dudes in the mariachi band: 5.
hours i worked: 32.5
times i scared myself in the mirror by my own skeleton make-up: 6.
 collective hours spent in make-up and hair: 5.
times i was shot by chris hesje’s cap gun: 18.
staff after-party dance-athons: 1
time left said dance-athon: 7 am.
people it took to push johnny’s winnebago at 3 am: 8.
scratches from my plastic gladiator armor breaking: 11.
features in the globe and mail: 1.
mustaches jen cook had in her coat check tip jar: 1.
years taken off of garzita’s life from stress: 2.
pork tacos had: 2.
rides on the drop of doom: 4. 
collective amount of staff hangovers: a lot.
sea wench bar backs: 3.
cabs christina stole from andy: 1.
members of team zissou: 3.
hotel rooms to crash in to watch scary movies and eat popcorn: 1.
times i wondered how we were ever going to top this: 39.
dinners for the dead: 2.
hours of sleep tom anselmi got: i’m guessing 0.
times i yelled, “i love this song!” like a typical girl: 2.
hours i lasted in 3-inch heels: 2.
carnival midways: 1.
days it will take me to get my life back in order: 3.

surviving it with some of the greatest people i’ve ever had the chance to meet, let alone work with:




One response to “we lived to tell the tale.

  1. Ha! Wicked. You live a fun life, Danielle Kreeft!

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