the tnhf story continues.

the got craft? show on sunday was awesome, such a good little follow-up to make-it. we sold 150 more cards, so success, success, success!

yet one of the greatest things to come out of doing these two shows and meeting people that know dani press or are just meeting me, is to talk about These Numbers Have Faces.
it was one of the foundational parts of starting this whole thing in the first place. if i wasn’t going to give back and contribute to a greater story, i didn’t want to do it. so to tell people about south africa, about sustainable aid with education, to be asked, “which townships do they work in?” and answer with a list that includes crossroads (where i went to school for six months), and tell them about meeting the students during the world cup, that’s the surge of greater purpose i feel in my feet while i watch that person walk away. 

that feeling that you are a part of something greater, it’s incredibly humbling. because i just feel God standing next to me, shoulder to shoulder, and i look to Him and feel His warmth. that, that i wouldn’t give up for anything. it’s why i do this. i can make money and more cards, do more shows and meet people who love my work, and that’s unreal and wonderful, but if God isn’t completely threaded through everything and this work isn’t contributing to a better story for people other than myself, then why?
i don’t want to be a part of anything He isn’t.


to find out more about the cut from dani press that goes to tnhf get over here or to find out more about them directly, find them here.


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