my number three.

i moved into my little abode on granville street back in mid-october 2010. it was a feisty symbol of my independence for all the time that i lived there.

as i walked around its walls waiting for the landlord to come down with the inspection papers, i thanked God for all that i got to do there, all that i had there. when i moved in, i had just come off another south africa trip, signed the lease and started feeling grounded for the first time in a long time (i wrote about it here.)

i learnt how to make chili there, i fell in love there, it was my dani press shipping centre, it was my shelter from the city.

during dinner with chris a couple weeks ago, we clinked our glasses, “to change”, he said.
and i think that’s it. the seasons turn, you lend thought to what once was, clink your glass, and then hand over your keys, get a coffee and drive away.


One response to “my number three.

  1. oh, i liked that place! so small + cozy.

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