i’m telling you, this is a big deal.

huddled next to the burnside bridge in portland, oregon is a group of people who have a direct and daily hand in shaping the future of south africa. these numbers have faces is educating and empowering youth in the townships of cape town, south africa through education. there’s a brilliant 30-second explanation right here.

they have gone from 1 student in 2007 to 16 in 2011 and this year want to replicate their community impact program by going global in 2012.

their goal?

3 new TNHF programs.
3 countries.
3 years. 

dani press has eagerly partnered with TNHF since i began in february 2010, giving 10% of profits towards their work in south africa. with the market season only a few weeks away, i can’t wait to bring more awareness to what they’re doing and to see their influence grow even further this year.

you can check out their community model, their amazing students, and how you can get involved along with all their other radness here.

happy monday everyone!


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