tune tuesday.

one of the best moments of sasquatch last year was standing at the front of hundreds of people, watching beach house. hearing this.
there was and is something profoundly wonderful about watching someone just do what they do and not give a shit wether you like it or not. 

this is an awesome interview pitchfork did with beach house, one of the most ridiculously intentional bands, who release their fourth album “bloom” today.

“During this record, we went back to the verse in “Mr. Tambourine Man” which is a song I was obsessed with when I was 15: “To dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free.” We were in the van, coming back from a show, halfway through writing the album, and I remember hearing that verse. We both wanted that feeling to be encapsulated in our record.”

“Stop pleasing people. You please yourself, and if people like it, great.” 

“We’ve been fighting through all of our interviews to not talk about our personal lives. Maybe in 15 years, if people still care about us, we’ll do some retrospective, and then we can talk about it. But right now it’s really stupid. Do you want to hear about how I was following an ex-girlfriend and barfing in a hedge or something?”


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