to new york.

big news.
(or potentially big news.)

the 68th annual national stationery show is being held in new york city next spring.

“The National Stationery Show attracts a diverse global attendance of 11,000+ buyers from stationery, card and gift shops; bookstores; bridal shops; party stores; department, chain and specialty stores; large chains and “big box” mass retailers; online retailers and mail order catalogs, as well as special event planners, corporate marketers, distributors and importers worldwide.” 

basically, i need to meet these people.
so i’ve applied to be one of the 800 exhibiting companies to show next year!

it’s the only thing i’ve set my eye on and said, “that, i want to do that.”
a lot of my goal posts have been hazy or non-existent, but new york city has been a steady and constant target.

wish me luck!


One response to “to new york.

  1. It’s always hard trying to find an audience let alone the right audience for your product. I wish you well.

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