i am here, listening to this, drinking this.

i remember being here not too long ago, sitting across the room, writing, reading, being solitary.
weird that i am, once again, here. solitary.

it’s always been pretty clear to me that you need to have a strong sense of self. that if left steering your own ship, you’d have an idea of what to do. friends, people, family, relatives, community, boyfriends, they are the comfort, they are essential, really. highly important and worth every minute.
but your life is going to go this way and that, up, over, under…

i turn 28 tomorrow. i feel very solitary, probably because i am solitary.
the season has shifted and i am out at sea, hands on the helm, a valid “holy shit” not too far underneath the surface of my breath as i look out.
that’s a lot of ship analogy.

a lot can happen in a year.
a lot has happened in a year. 

i wonder where i’ll be a year from now. or maybe i’ll be so unbelievably intentional i could tell you where i’ll be in a year. who knows.

maybe i should just stick with, “come on, you bastard waves! do your worst!”
blow out my candles and call it a day.

we’ll stick with that.



One response to “28.

  1. Hoist the anchor, raise the sails, scrub the poop deck, set a course for awesome, climb up to the crow’s nest, and scream to those bastard waves in your best pirate voice!

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