#1. go swimming in the ocean.

after jem died, i made a list.
10 things i want to by the end of summer.

and believe it or not, i’ve been in vancouver for nearly two years and never gone for a swim in the ocean. it’s sad. and embarrassing. 
that was #1.

so when i woke up on tuesday to a noon call time for my friend justine’s jewelry commercial shoot on a yacht in yaletown, i, of course, went. 

a 70-foot yacht awaited. strawberries, cheese & crackers, red wine, champagne, cookies & cookies & cookies, awaited. so did a boat of wonderful strangers and a 2-hour float into the ocean all the way around stanley park.
near the end, our photographer thought it’d be cool to get video of someone jumping in. the only dude available to jump declined, so, 1, i thought if you are ever going to go for a swim in the ocean it might as well be from falling off a yacht, and 2, when a dude doesn’t step up, you show him up (he ended up coming after me, as did justine!).

it was awesome.

#1. check!


One response to “#1. go swimming in the ocean.

  1. YEAH!!! I also went for a Vancouver ocean swim for the first time yesterday! Went in with my regular shorts on. Totally regretted it on the bike ride home. Still totally worth it.

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