happy turkey day.



sitting at gate B20 at YVR. 
paul simon, “graceland” (the cure for all things.)

feeling, well, grateful. it’s thanksgiving, so this makes sense.
i was looking at a photograph earlier and all i thought was, “someday that will be old. people 100 years from now will look at it and look at those people that were born and lived and passed and they’ll wonder how life turned out for them.”
nothing is permanent. 
what a strange relief and a valid reason for panic. it passes, this passes. everything passes.
but what a beautiful way to keep yourself present. to see past the things you wish were, to see past what once was. to see things as they are.
and to hold onto the good while it’s here.



One response to “happy turkey day.

  1. so true! hold onto the good while it is here….not too tight but enough to know it is in your hands, gently, and with a loving gaze…relax your eyes and your mind ~ enjoy giving thanks

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