i am a writer, a photographer, a traveler. a wild, tangled beast of a thing that is trying for so very many things.

i wrote and illustrated my first book, the billy goats gruff, in grade two.
my favorite subject in grade three was spelling. my little friend erin would show me her papers and i would point out all the spelling errors before she brought her papers to the teacher.
i took a picture of my parents on a ferry in british columbia when i was eight or nine. when they took a look at it, they said i had an eye for it. it must have just been centered or something, but i never forgot that comment.

i sweat for years trying to figure out what i was good at, what i would become.
i went all the way to africa with the full intention of becoming an interior designer when i returned.
that never panned out. and i should have taken the “what i am passionate about” hint as i wrote every day in my journal on our three-month missions trip. a few weeks later i ended up in a west side basement classroom taking journalism.

and now when i think about it, those little things i naturally started doing when i was so young, those seeds, might have been indications of what i was always supposed to be doing. fiercely coloring in a goat’s hoof and putting words between their teeth might not have been just a school project for a girl wearing polka dot hats and fluorescent tweety bathing suits.

as for the whole travel bit. i turned down a college acceptance letter a few years ago to take my first trip to africa. the rest really is history, and on february 25, 2010 i wrote about a fifth return to the continent to fulfill my absolute dream of writing for a non-profit during the world cup.
this is what i said at the time:

“i have no idea how i’m going to afford that one or how the logistics will pan out, but i’ll be there. and that’s pretty much an easy sentence to sum up the past five or so years. i didn’t know how i’d do it all, afford it all, see it all, but if you want something bad enough, you’ll figure it out.”

i count it one of my greatest blessings that even though i couldn’t afford it (i can never afford it) and i wasn’t going on a guarantee and wasn’t sure of a whole lot, that God figured it out. and got me there.

after spending the rest of the summer backpacking with my little brother, from zambia to kenya, stopping with him in england, then visiting our younger sister in ireland, He now has me here.

in vancouver.

and he’s had me here for nearly two years. i’ve officially signed on for one more year in this mountainous, rain-cloud on the west coast and then who knows.

it’s all yet to be spoken for.
which is great.



19 responses to “me.

  1. I changed my settings on Facebook, so see if you can find me now.

  2. yeeeeah. well played. and i just realized half the blogs on your blogroll are ones i read on the regular too. crazy. crazy awesome.

  3. danielle – you are so cool. honestly when i think of someone pursuing their passions, i think of you. can’t wait to see where life takes you….


  4. I don’t remember the picture. I do remember the ferry ride. Amazing. A good read once again. So very proud. Can’t wait to read your first book!

  5. great post – so glad you wrote a comment on my blog. i absolutely LOVE africa (i joke that’s why i married a south african) – i’ve been twice and keep wanting to go back. once you get bitten, you can’t get over it. you should definitely save money to go back for 2010 – it’ll be awesome.

    which parts of africa have you been to? I’ve been to SA, zambia, and lesotho. botswana is on my next list.

  6. I’m so glad you discovered my blog which in turn lead me to discover your blog.
    I must say, you are one hell of a writer. How the hell are you not a super blogger at this point in time?
    Can’t wait to come back and read some more.

    • DUDE. bah. i don’t know how to apply what i love, i think that’s my fatal flaw. i sort of stumble around in blog land, not really knowing how to “do” it, but just hoping that someday it will pay off…because this is what i love to do: write.
      i don’t know how to become “super blogger”. ha! help. really. help?

  7. Hey hun! Love what you are doing and what God is doing in your life…..beautiful freedom that he has abound on you and a spirit full of life!!

    Love you

  8. So I want to link to your blog on a post I’m working on but I can’t figure out your blog url because I found you through a comment you left on my site and when I click on it the url is still my blog url. Weird. If you get a chance, send me your url so I can link to you. Thanks!

  9. Good morning Danielle.
    I just found this and speaking as Erin’s mother……thanks for correcting all her spelling mistakes. The way she tells the story…. she fixed all your math mistakes. Truly a Sweet Spot for both of you was discovered back in Grade 2. Someone should remind those teachers of the huge responsibility they have to point kids down the right road! That has happened with both of you ladies.
    Have a photo perfect day! I love your work!

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  11. hi,
    thanks for stopping by in my blog. I included you in my daily readings…
    have a nice day!

  12. Thank you for finding my blog and me finding yours. I love your biography. It really resonates with me. Thank you. Your writing is supppeeerrrbbb and your cards, oh so darling. Much luck! I signed up for updates 🙂

  13. Dani,

    I think I am ‘sweating’ like you are at the moment. I love your story, very empowering.

    I enjoy your writing. Thanks for opening up your thoughts.


  14. I very much enjoy your blog.. just found it. And woww, I have loved writing my whole life.. you are an excellent writer!

  15. I love you! I miss you. You inspire me. I am so grateful I know you. xoxo

  16. wow. how did your mother ever produce someone as cool as you? love your insights; so wise beyond your years…xo

  17. Hi Dani!
    So nice to receive your comment on my Blog. I still remember those beautiful post cards of yours that I purchased. Hope you are well and that our paths will cross again one day soon.
    all the best to you

  18. It was such a pleasure to meet you at the MAKE fair a few weekends ago, Dani. You have an amazing spirit and soul and I am drawn to your type of work and attitude towards life.
    Would love to grab a coffee and chat sometime if you’re free!
    Also I have a friend who wants to order your cards online, how should she go about it?

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