my little card shop.

i have a little card shop. it’s called dani press.

you can find it, along with these things here.

it was something i had always wanted to do, to make cards.
after a trip around the world and with fresh travel photographs in hand, i sat down one day and … started.

and this little shop is what came of it.

you can read the entire story here. and here.

i think that the things you create, the things you love, the things that you try for, they’re all outward evidence of who you are. strangers can pass by them and learn, simply by being witness to it, about the hands behind it.

in saying that, thank you for taking some sort of interest in this little shop, and therefore in me. i am so very grateful for it.



2 responses to “my little card shop.

  1. Discovered your cards at ‘Chicken Scratch’ in Edmonton, this afternoon….loved every single one of them! Great company, great website too! Guess you could say I’m a fan! Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  2. Hi Dani,
    I just discovered your work at Bird on a Wire on Main St, Vancouver. I only bought two cards -it was hard to choose- but will definitely get all of them at some point! They’re really nice, simple and yet so touching and inspiring. Thank you!

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