it will.

it’s all going to happen someday.
don’t worry.
it will.


portland bound.

i’m not sure there’s anything better than going to sleep knowing a big train is going to whisk you away in the morning and take you all the way to portland.

i feel so very lucky to be at the time in my life that i am.
and that at this exact time, the train is off and i get to go with it.

see you in a week!

#1. go swimming in the ocean.

after jem died, i made a list.
10 things i want to by the end of summer.

and believe it or not, i’ve been in vancouver for nearly two years and never gone for a swim in the ocean. it’s sad. and embarrassing. 
that was #1.

so when i woke up on tuesday to a noon call time for my friend justine’s jewelry commercial shoot on a yacht in yaletown, i, of course, went. 

a 70-foot yacht awaited. strawberries, cheese & crackers, red wine, champagne, cookies & cookies & cookies, awaited. so did a boat of wonderful strangers and a 2-hour float into the ocean all the way around stanley park.
near the end, our photographer thought it’d be cool to get video of someone jumping in. the only dude available to jump declined, so, 1, i thought if you are ever going to go for a swim in the ocean it might as well be from falling off a yacht, and 2, when a dude doesn’t step up, you show him up (he ended up coming after me, as did justine!).

it was awesome.

#1. check!

in her own words.

“There is a great Gloria Steinem quote — and I’m paraphrasing — ‘Become the man you want to marry.’ I’ve taken that on. What qualities do I find attractive, and can I find them in myself? What am I missing? Can I be that for myself?”

Michelle Williams.

something about reading this and listening to this, makes me feel some weird sort of liberation in my KO’d state in the dude department. instead of fighting for it, instead of getting involved, instead of counting the rounds, who cares. you’re allowed to have your phases, you’re allowed to have your blinders on for awhile. 
quite frankly, it’s pretty great. 

tune tuesday.

for Jem.

i had a small chance to know jeremy. he came with this wonderful, swarming crew of aussies that took over whistler that olympic winter two years ago.

so i didn’t know him well enough. i wish i had.
he was so solid. he was just one of these dudes that you knew was bringing people together, the magnet that he was, probably doing something insane and awesome, having a beer somewhere being as cool as shit. he just had a way about him.

there are very few people i can think of that when they come to mind, you just know life is not passing them by. they are out there, they are participating, they are swimming and laughing and bounding around, being fully alive. they are taking over rooms and cheers’ing to something.  he was that guy.
and it always brought me comfort.

when i wished him a happy 28th birthday last wednesday, i wrote that i wasn’t sure what he was up to these days, but i’m sure it was awesome. because that was jeremy, he was always doing something awesome.

Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men. – Quintus Ennius.

So here’s to you Jem. You will be talked about for years and years to come. You were one of the best reasons we were all around and having as much fun as we had. You made it that way.

Rest easy, my friend.

a thought.

tune tuesday.

everything about this makes me happy.
and that it always reminds me of that fantasy scene in dumb & dumber.

taking heart in texas.

i’ve always wanted to go to texas.

i don’t really know why, i think it’s mostly the overt coolness of austin and south by southwest, but there’s something fascinating about this heavy-hitting state swimming in its own robust and historical subculture.
or maybe after growing up in alberta, it’s the laughable affiliation with another people group that is so stereotypically into cowboy boots and hay and red meat.
who knows. but i think texas is awesome.

and i can’t believe dani press will be there before i am.

that’s right!

dani press has hopped the border and gone american.

this week i am so. so. so. thrilled to introduce the 2-point debut of dani press in the united states. 

coming from the south is take heart, a beautifully-detailed store in east austin. dreamt up and bravely started by nina, the collection of vintage products and well-made home and gift items all showcase her love for beautiful things.

you can find her cute blog here as well as check out her fun facebook page here.
and let’s all start a big round of applause as she celebrates her ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this saturday!

congratulations nina!

the last question in that interview.

(photo here.)

just finished up an interview for these rad people right here and this was their last question and my last answer.

“Anything else you would like to add or would like people to know?”

“I think the idea that we all want to do what we’re passionate about, what we dream of, what we feel we were meant to do needs a heavy dose of reality. If someone were to sit down across from me right now and tell me they wanted to be a travel writer or CEO or a host on the food network, I’d ask them what they thought those people that already are that had to do to get there. They probably had to set their alarm for 7 am, respond to a ton of e-mails, have a semi-crap job on the side to pay their rent, work weekends and make pennies before they made bills. So how are you any different? 

We seem to think that if we were living our dream or had our dream right now, that it would FEEL different, that we would BE different. That we would make better choices, THEN. That we would cultivate better habits, THEN.
It’s just not how it works.
Wake up today, work hard today, do all the things you don’t want to do today, carve out better habits and handle your finances and get your nose in a small business book today. What starts out little, grows. Don’t demean or take lightly the little, it’s the capital letter to that sentence you just started about wanting to be famous and have a lot of money.”