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and bring out the new, why don’t you?

(the sound of a curtain swooshing back)

dani press is proud to welcome three newly-inducted cards into the fold!

i’ve long needed a sympathy card, so this is my first crack at it.
something gentle, something encouraging.

still ridiculous.
the second in a series featuring my little brother as my muse. i can’t tell you how many people buy and ask about ‘ridiculousness’, so it only made sense to keep going in order to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

written into the sands at bocas del toro, this is as simple and to the heart of card-giving as it gets.
“i thought about you and i wanted you to know.”

i could use this for everyone in my life for nearly every occasion.
and that’s why i love it.

get yourself over here to check them out online, as well as see the rest of the dani press roster.

and thank you again to everyone in my life who continues to give me the enormous encouragement needed to stay working so hard doing what i love.



the new.

for anyone who isn’t on facebook and hasn’t heard the big, resounding news:

dani press, finally, and i say finally with a heavy amount of relief, now has 7 new designs.
may the roll-out begin.

many, many thanks go to the people who are in these photographs or who inspired them: darla, emily, hailey, lisa, duncan, lanie, alex, amanda, and roksan…thank you.

man, what a pleasure it is to pull back the veil on new work at the start of a brand new month.

happy december, everyone!

the official make-it report.

 i owe everyone a proper update.

make-it vancouver:
4 days. 28 hours. 110 + vendors. 8,500 through the door.

and 600 dani press cards sold.

i didn’t know what to expect. i had a goal, but still, besides a teeny-tiny market last year, it was my first show.

and people were amazing. 
wether they stopped briefly to look and tell me they loved my cards, thought they were magnificent or different or honest…
wether you were that one guy with the warm smile who found a card perfect for his sister going through a rough time, teared up and said, “i’ll take this one,” before quietly walking away. 
wether you were in a pairs of girls that couldn’t decide, standing for half an hour laughing and pointing at different ones, before handing me a stack.
wether you were jen, a total stranger, who prayed for God to show her someone who was living a great story to interview for her show, and He led her to me.
wether you were Rachel, a publisher, who wants to turn my cards into a book.
wether you were the guitar player from ‘the river and the road’ that stopped by to  say how rad the cards were.
wether you were the little kids drawing pictures for the draw.

wether you were the incredible friends of mine that came out to be so encouraging and show their support.
wether you just smiled and nodded and walked right by…

i felt incredibly blessed by the whole weekend.
but there was no greater blessing than having my ma there. she flew in from edmonton just to come and haul boxes of cards, hang lights, restock, go for coffee runs, and stand beside me for my first show.
thank you, ma.

it was a total and complete success. 

big fist-pumps. 

made it into make it.

i regrettably learned the lesson last fall that if you want to apply for any christmas fairs, you’d better be on the ball in the summertime. noted.
so last week i looked up the top seasonal shows in Van, crossed my fingers, and applied.

and made it!

Make It Vancouver is a huge four-day show, with dj’s, a licensed bar (old maid fair this is not!), and over 90 vendors from all over Canada. this year, i’ll get to be one of them!

dani press, for those who are new here, is the stationary card line i started up a year and a half ago. and though i’ve been lagging on my work ethic way too much this year, i’ve been getting back to it.

getting into Make It Vancouver was an incredibly encouraging step in the right direction.

So exciting!

what was once in the waiting room…

we all have a few things we’ve always wanted to do. big ideas that have sat in our souls and never bothered to get up and leave.

things that are constantly in the waiting room reading a magazine, thumbing through the pages of time, ready for their turn.

we stare at them and want to try them and accomplish them and say that we did them. to check them off the list and feel what it feels like to actually do something we’ve been thinking of doing for so long.
but we’re scared straight or talked out of it or find the excuses why we’re not ready.

so they keep waiting. breathing in and out, checking the time, crossing and uncrossing their legs…waiting.
and we honestly hope that the next time we peek our heads out from behind the door, wether that be a day from now or ten years from now, that they will still be there waiting. that, even if we don’t plan on inviting them in, we won’t have to find out that it’s too late for us to have attempted them if we ever got the guts to.

i’ve had one of those big ideas sitting in my soul since i was 18.

it was to make cards.

it had sort of taken a back seat in the waiting room, never really aggressive or daunting, but waiting there nonetheless.
and maybe it would have sat there for a few more years if it weren’t for a moment i had in holland in the spring.

this one:

it was just the most beautiful sunday, so deserted, so peaceful. dylan and i were biking to easter lunch at a dear friends house. (every holiday should be had in such an old-fashioned-feeling way…)
i was in the habit of precariously snapping photos while trying to pedal and dylan was in the habit of flailing his arms out or climbing on his seat and just generally entertaining himself with his own tricks.

it was at such a moment that i snapped this. and the very first thing i thought as i looked down at the photo on my screen was, “that could be a card”

so over the summer i started shoveling photos i liked into a file on my computer, but it wasn’t until october that i seriously sat down with pen and paper and invited the big idea in from the waiting room.

after four months of phone calls, design tweaks, way too many e-mails, printing decisions, color re-jigging, business card ordering, envelope finding, shipping details, number crunching, and a hundred cups of coffee had while staring into space waiting for words to come…

this is what came of it.

and here are three of the twelve i’ve started with…

check out the whole line at my bigcartel store.

sigh, i have so much more to tell you about what has come from starting this card line, but i’ll save that for sunday.

right now, it’s started.
i did it.
i started a card line!

i can’t wait to hear your thoughts…i can’t wait to get the word out and see where all of this could go. if you dig dani press, please pass the store love on. i can’t do it without your support.

big ideas sit around in the waiting room because they are meant for you to do. to invite in.

and conquer.