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and bring out the new, why don’t you?

(the sound of a curtain swooshing back)

dani press is proud to welcome three newly-inducted cards into the fold!

i’ve long needed a sympathy card, so this is my first crack at it.
something gentle, something encouraging.

still ridiculous.
the second in a series featuring my little brother as my muse. i can’t tell you how many people buy and ask about ‘ridiculousness’, so it only made sense to keep going in order to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

written into the sands at bocas del toro, this is as simple and to the heart of card-giving as it gets.
“i thought about you and i wanted you to know.”

i could use this for everyone in my life for nearly every occasion.
and that’s why i love it.

get yourself over here to check them out online, as well as see the rest of the dani press roster.

and thank you again to everyone in my life who continues to give me the enormous encouragement needed to stay working so hard doing what i love.



taking heart in texas.

i’ve always wanted to go to texas.

i don’t really know why, i think it’s mostly the overt coolness of austin and south by southwest, but there’s something fascinating about this heavy-hitting state swimming in its own robust and historical subculture.
or maybe after growing up in alberta, it’s the laughable affiliation with another people group that is so stereotypically into cowboy boots and hay and red meat.
who knows. but i think texas is awesome.

and i can’t believe dani press will be there before i am.

that’s right!

dani press has hopped the border and gone american.

this week i am so. so. so. thrilled to introduce the 2-point debut of dani press in the united states. 

coming from the south is take heart, a beautifully-detailed store in east austin. dreamt up and bravely started by nina, the collection of vintage products and well-made home and gift items all showcase her love for beautiful things.

you can find her cute blog here as well as check out her fun facebook page here.
and let’s all start a big round of applause as she celebrates her ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this saturday!

congratulations nina!

the last question in that interview.

(photo here.)

just finished up an interview for these rad people right here and this was their last question and my last answer.

“Anything else you would like to add or would like people to know?”

“I think the idea that we all want to do what we’re passionate about, what we dream of, what we feel we were meant to do needs a heavy dose of reality. If someone were to sit down across from me right now and tell me they wanted to be a travel writer or CEO or a host on the food network, I’d ask them what they thought those people that already are that had to do to get there. They probably had to set their alarm for 7 am, respond to a ton of e-mails, have a semi-crap job on the side to pay their rent, work weekends and make pennies before they made bills. So how are you any different? 

We seem to think that if we were living our dream or had our dream right now, that it would FEEL different, that we would BE different. That we would make better choices, THEN. That we would cultivate better habits, THEN.
It’s just not how it works.
Wake up today, work hard today, do all the things you don’t want to do today, carve out better habits and handle your finances and get your nose in a small business book today. What starts out little, grows. Don’t demean or take lightly the little, it’s the capital letter to that sentence you just started about wanting to be famous and have a lot of money.”


the proof.

just a couple days ago, a little write-up about me popped up on the proof on our local vancouver is awesome site.

with some photos from my life, a sneak peek into dani press and my other adventures, and a most-flattering write up by chris, it was pretty fun to see and feel part of the creative community here in vancouver.

give it a read!


bring out the new.

i’ve been waiting for weeks to get some new stuff out.
life takes over, it gets busy, whew.

but here they are!
three new designs to brighten up your summer.
get over here at dani press to check ’em out in full bloom. 

and just in time for father’s day next sunday, this one is for you, dear papa.


to new york.

big news.
(or potentially big news.)

the 68th annual national stationery show is being held in new york city next spring.

“The National Stationery Show attracts a diverse global attendance of 11,000+ buyers from stationery, card and gift shops; bookstores; bridal shops; party stores; department, chain and specialty stores; large chains and “big box” mass retailers; online retailers and mail order catalogs, as well as special event planners, corporate marketers, distributors and importers worldwide.” 

basically, i need to meet these people.
so i’ve applied to be one of the 800 exhibiting companies to show next year!

it’s the only thing i’ve set my eye on and said, “that, i want to do that.”
a lot of my goal posts have been hazy or non-existent, but new york city has been a steady and constant target.

wish me luck!

read all about it.

get your friday paper on and read all about it.

my hometown paper, the sherwood park news, wrote a piece and it’s out today!
the make it edmonton show also starts today, so wish me luck!


top 3.

there are a lot of reasons why markets are awesome.

here are my top 3 from this past weekend: 

1. people you recognize, have met before, who seek you out to say hi and snatch up a few more cards. colleen, a woman i recognized came up and immediately, with wide arms, said:
“these are the greatest cards in the entire universe. thank you for making them.”
strangers that champion what you do. incredible.

2. my brother and sister who came and helped me out. who gave people change and got me coffee and let me have bathroom breaks and kept me company.
these are two of my biggest cheerleaders and it meant so much to have them there.

3.  you know what?
it’s that feeling that you’re in the ring. you’re participating. 
you’re not showing up at a shitty job, on auto-pilot and grumbling around.
it’s watching your story literally walk out the door with every card and praying its influence spreads bravery and adventure and goodness. 


the new.

for anyone who isn’t on facebook and hasn’t heard the big, resounding news:

dani press, finally, and i say finally with a heavy amount of relief, now has 7 new designs.
may the roll-out begin.

many, many thanks go to the people who are in these photographs or who inspired them: darla, emily, hailey, lisa, duncan, lanie, alex, amanda, and roksan…thank you.

man, what a pleasure it is to pull back the veil on new work at the start of a brand new month.

happy december, everyone!

the official make-it report.

 i owe everyone a proper update.

make-it vancouver:
4 days. 28 hours. 110 + vendors. 8,500 through the door.

and 600 dani press cards sold.

i didn’t know what to expect. i had a goal, but still, besides a teeny-tiny market last year, it was my first show.

and people were amazing. 
wether they stopped briefly to look and tell me they loved my cards, thought they were magnificent or different or honest…
wether you were that one guy with the warm smile who found a card perfect for his sister going through a rough time, teared up and said, “i’ll take this one,” before quietly walking away. 
wether you were in a pairs of girls that couldn’t decide, standing for half an hour laughing and pointing at different ones, before handing me a stack.
wether you were jen, a total stranger, who prayed for God to show her someone who was living a great story to interview for her show, and He led her to me.
wether you were Rachel, a publisher, who wants to turn my cards into a book.
wether you were the guitar player from ‘the river and the road’ that stopped by to  say how rad the cards were.
wether you were the little kids drawing pictures for the draw.

wether you were the incredible friends of mine that came out to be so encouraging and show their support.
wether you just smiled and nodded and walked right by…

i felt incredibly blessed by the whole weekend.
but there was no greater blessing than having my ma there. she flew in from edmonton just to come and haul boxes of cards, hang lights, restock, go for coffee runs, and stand beside me for my first show.
thank you, ma.

it was a total and complete success. 

big fist-pumps.