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and bring out the new, why don’t you?

(the sound of a curtain swooshing back)

dani press is proud to welcome three newly-inducted cards into the fold!

i’ve long needed a sympathy card, so this is my first crack at it.
something gentle, something encouraging.

still ridiculous.
the second in a series featuring my little brother as my muse. i can’t tell you how many people buy and ask about ‘ridiculousness’, so it only made sense to keep going in order to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

written into the sands at bocas del toro, this is as simple and to the heart of card-giving as it gets.
“i thought about you and i wanted you to know.”

i could use this for everyone in my life for nearly every occasion.
and that’s why i love it.

get yourself over here to check them out online, as well as see the rest of the dani press roster.

and thank you again to everyone in my life who continues to give me the enormous encouragement needed to stay working so hard doing what i love.