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my lumbering snowflakes.


on a constant diet of apples and folk music, i bussed it up to whistler yesterday.
i stared out the window and all the guitars soundtracked the whirring landscape…i smiled a lot.

we got closer and closer and at one point, i noticed something. something i hadn’t seen in over 10 months (unheard of being from edmonton…) 

snow. it was snowing.
big, fat flakes hiding intricate designs were passing out handshakes with the earth. thousands and thousands of them.
i’m supposed to loathe these things. these little beasts that camp out for 8-months of the alberta calendar year.

instead, my heart wanted to run for the window, like cold little feet to a fireplace. 
i traveled all over the world, on dusty roads and beaches backlogged with sand and tree-lined streets, and all of a sudden the thing that says, 


“this, this is what you know. welcome home.”

is snow.
i felt like all those lumbering, beautiful snowflakes were all confetti falling from the sky  part of a party welcoming me back home, back to what i knew. they weren’t distant or foreign or unknown, they knew who i was. 

and shoot, you just hardly ever get that feeling in life, that feeling of being known. 

i kinda just wanted to cry out of happiness. i didn’t. i think i took another bite out of my apple, but the emotion was there, right at the gate. the sound of thousands of snowflakes knocking.

man, it made me so happy.